Arquipélago Art Center, Azores

La Longue Durée: structure, conjoncture, évènement consists in a series of works which are presented as a unity-in-plurality.  It has been exhibited in Arquipélago Contemporary Art Centre, from May to July 2018.  Four mediums are easily distinguishable being three of them correspondent to one of the sub-title’s terms, as I explain:  

Helena et Olivier – video installation (see image). Consists on a Digital video projection 6:9, 19’ duration. It documents the witnessing of a desert’ sunset enacted by two characters (male and female). Integrated in this installation there is a physical structure at the eastern side of the projection – a plinth with a glass bell, which only contains water vapour (a hidden device under the plinth hits a water container, in order to humidify the visible glass surface). Nearby the end of three months exhibiting period, the accumulated vapour was so elevated, that it became increasingly visible in the form of water drops, draining from glass surfaces.

Structure – tent structure with nearly 6 meters height though variable dimensions -  it bends to the exhibition architectural structure. The shape is drawn by the gallery in reflection to flexibility and adaptation.  

Conjoncture – series of 9 smaller objects, displayed on the floor, made with materials collected or used during the desert trip: compressed coal in Arabic gum; wood oud; lenses; desert stone; sand - elements that are rearranged on hold. 
Évènement – schematic drawing. Oil pastel
over linen fabric. 60x60cm.