The aim of this artistic research is to open-up a set of reflexive topics departing from the green ray astronomical phenomenon, and its exceptional qualities across disciplines, such as science-fiction, optics, mirages, delusions, myths, geodesics, which combined, lie on underdetermination, what could be called as disruptive knowledge.

Such trembling appearance and difficult classification became of major interest during the rise of European modernism, but got somehow constrained by the trend of enlighten romanticism of this period, that focused on the observer’s achievement and a western conquering of cosmology.    

I propose a re-activation of these qualities from a contemporary approach, by putting it in tension with situations or experiences that foster transnational and transcultural adaptations, transmissions and translations, which are displayed in the form of artefacts.

This necessarily rises questions, that I condense, as follows:

Why is the green ray a speculative and disruptive source of knowledge?

How to be aware of the worldwide impacts from the western historical dissemination of logics, in order to produce less-directed forms and aesthetics?

What is the role of underdetermination or loss of specificity in the development of a near future?

These main questions may elicit the objections of artistic research, once it opens new possibilities, throughout artistic conceptualization.

This project invites to a reflection upon the future and how illusion must be consciously integrated in pace with the times, in order to maintain a more lucid and fair stressing of reality.

I hope that the publication of these artefacts will contribute for the recent debate about the intertwines of knowledge not only from different disciplines, but from peripheral subcultures, as well. I wish to gather some pertinent key thoughts capable to dialogue without constraints, combining conceptual objections with experimental practice. I also expect to provide a visual glossary that functions as clues for other envisions.